So we’d already heard that we’re the bee’s knees (not that we needed telling)—we just weren’t sure to precisely what extent. But the grades are in, and it looks like UC Berkeley is truly scoring top marks: 100 spankin’ percent, to be exact.

Using a highly mysterious algorithm that we’re certain took several moons and a few gallons of orc’s blood to compute, Washington Monthly ranked national universities in 2009 according to standards of “service,” “research,” and “social mobility.” In addition to celebrating our most impressive score (in case you didn’t catch that … 100 percent!!), we’d also like to point out that the school ranking second—UC San Diego—trails with a meager 82 percent, nearly two full letter grades below.

Oh, and because we really do have to go there … UCLA? 80 percent.

Yeah. We’re kind of fabulous.

Image Source: lobraumeister under Creative Commons
College Guide Rankings: 2009 National Universities [Washington Monthly]

Chris Smyr said:
Sep 4, 2009 at 1:00 pm

Does this earn us a coveted ‘A+’? Do those even exist here?