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Ah, all the compelling reasons to go to law school and then spend your life in the aftermath continue to mount. Get this: Boalt will forgive your student loans if you go into public interest or government (read: low-paying) work and, starting January, eligibility for this Loan Repayment Assistance Program will be expanded. Hey, maybe this is why we ranked #1 based on contribution to public good (though if “government lawyers” and “public good” don’t ring in sync to you, we understand).

The program used to cover alumni making equal to or under $58,000 yearly with support not exceeding $100,000. Now, it will cover anyone making as much as $65,000 with unlimited support for all graduate and some undergraduate debt over 10 years. Not a bad deal. This enhancement comes thanks to the College Cost Reduction and Access Act. Gee, the idea of “prosecutor” or “public defender” never seemed so appealing.

Image Source: umjanedoan under Creative Commons.
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