Short and poignant. Professor Reich, you do have a knack for taking economic issues that have been politicized into oblivion and explaining them, real straight and easy, by yanking out pesky things like “details.” The ex-Secretary of Labor, current Goldman School of Public Policy professor’s latest feat: deliver the low-down on Obama’s controversial healthcare public option in 2 minutes flat. For those of you don’t have the time or stomach to keep up with the healthcare debate, the Clog recommends the Reichnotes version.

For further reading, check out his blog.

Robert Reich Public Option Video [jacobkornbluthdotcom]
UC-Berkeley’s Robert Reich can teach Obama a thing about making the public option understandable [SF Chron]

Ricardo Gomez said:
Sep 9, 2009 at 3:52 pm

I love the fact that he teaches at Cal.