Great Birgeneau balls!

Oof. Oh boy. How to say this … well, there’s no easy way to put it, so we’ll just tell you straight out. You remember those 9.3 percent student fee increases from not-so-long ago? And remember when UC prez Yudof said they might have increased fees by another 20 to 25 percent (despite conveniently not knowing anything about them when asked at the mid-July regents meeting)?

That might all seem like the good ol’ days come a year from now if a 32 percent fee increase from the current rate comes to pass next fall.

But enough jibber-jabber, let’s look at the numbers:

*7.5 percent increase for spring 2010
*UC tuition up to $10,302
*Undergrads pay $2,500 more
*Most grad students also paying 32 percent more
*Undergrads (as graduates do now)—if in engineering or business—pay up to $1000 more than other students
*Enrollment reduced by 2,300 for the second year in a row

Of course, all these figures will be discussed by the regents in the future and it doesn’t look like anything’s solid or set in stone as of right now.

But enough numbers, let’s look at the jibber-jabber:

UC leaders have long predicted a midyear fee hike this year and an additional increase for next fall. With hundreds of millions of dollars cut from state funding, raising fees is the university’s only choice, leaders said.

Wow, the only choice? Is that so? Somehow we think that’s FALSE.

Image Source: rachel_bar under Creative Commons
UC proposing 32 percent fee hike [Contra Costa Times]

Ricardo Gomez said:
Sep 11, 2009 at 12:58 am

“leaders said.” Should read “‘leaders’ said.

Ricardo Gomez said:
Sep 11, 2009 at 12:59 am

“leaders said,” should read “‘leaders’ said.”

Witty fail.