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Looks like all the car bombs, votes of no confidence, letters from indignant professors and talks of walk-out might have gotten the boys upstairs sweating. Or at least they’ve gotten the message that the UC faculty and community would like a little more transparency in executive affairs (apparently the “trust us; you don’t want to bother with the fine print” approach doesn’t fly when doling out massive pay cuts.) Hence, this letter from Vice Prez of Academic Affairs Lawrence Pitts explaining the reasoning behind the final furlough and pay cut plan. Take a neat and tidy summary below:

A little background: for those who don’t know what the f*ck a furlough is, anyhow, think of it as forced, unpaid time off. The current budget plan raises student fees, cuts faculty wages, reduces the days of instruction and imposes furloughs which, to top it all off, may not be used on days of face-to-face instruction, ’cause that just ain’t fair to the students.

In Larry’s letter: He assures faculty that it was just as hard for UCOP to OK their pay cuts as it is for them to … have their pay cut. Seriously, they feel totally bad about it, but desperate times, you know …. Next, he explains that there was a debate over whether to cut some days of instruction and make the no-furloughs-on-days-of-instruction rule or to just cut more days of instruction. They went with the former, with the students in mind. Finally, he expresses their intent to end the furloughs within a year.

We feel better already.

Image Source: bazzaboy under Creative Commons.
UC provost explains furlough decisions [News Center]


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