This is a teeny bit old, but we think it’s cool enough (albeit kind of unlikely to come to fruition) to post about anyway:

Ronald Rael, a Berkeley professor of architecture, has come up with a plan that would turn the now-unused section of the Bay Bridge into a park and other stuff that you can’t drive on, like a bicycle pathway, rental residential areas, swimming pools and tennis courts.

The plan, he says, was inspired by similar (successful) efforts to re-purpose bridges and rail infrastructures in Manhattan and Europe, renowned centers of elevated bridge culture. Naysayers, of course, point out that the whole reason that section of the bridge is no longer being used for its original purpose is because it’s not exactly seismically safe. What else is new?

In any case, we think it’d be pretty sweet to someday be all, “Yeah, come to our house on the Bay Bridge. We can kick back and enjoy our potentially literally killer 360-degree panoramic views over a glass of merlot.” Are we right?

Image Source: DIKESH.com under Creative Commons
UC Planners Envision “Bay Line” Park on Old Bay Bridge Span [Streetsblog]


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