Feelin’ blue over budget cuts? Want to find some way to vent your frustration but can’t come up with anything? Then you can stick to the time-tested, mother-approved methods of signing petitions and walking out!

ASUC Senator Ariel Boone told us in an e-mail, “UPTE and AFSCME are officially striking on September 24 in protest of the cuts, the poverty-level wages their workers receive, and various complaints available on their websites.  The walkout is to encourage people not to cross the picket line.”

Now YOU can show the regents you’re really, really serious about UC’s shrinking budget and their attempts to deal with it!

Will the walkout prove effective? How will you spend your Sept. 24? Will Prop 13 miraculously be overturned, allowing for more funding for education? Is anybody else creeped out by the supersimilarity among the three (supposedly) different websites? And what’s up with that “UC Undergraduate Coalition?”

Image Source: umjanedoan under Creative Commons
Petition Against the Cuts [UC Undergraduate Coalition]
UC Faculty Walkout [Site]
Grad Student Stoppage [Site]


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