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F*ck, these budget cuts have teeth. Still, the surgeon’s hand must have slipped when it shaved off 23 percent of University Health Services’ annual budget (about $2 million.) No really, faculty pay cuts and student fee hikes are a pain and all, but what are we supposed to do when we get swine flu? See what to expect next time you visit the Tang Center (grab on to your wallet and brace yourself):

UHS figures that between cutting services and raising fees, the latter is probably a healthier option. However, they do plan to boot 20 staff members, so expect longer waits. They will also be introducing an “assessment nurse,” who will give you a speedy once-over and tell you how badly you really need attention. Apart from those structural “adjustments,” business will remain as usual, with the same array of hours and services.

However, there will be fees. Oh, yes:

- New co-pays: Beginning September 21, $15 for Primary Care visits and $30 for Urgent Care.

- The Counseling and Psychological Services department is being expanded (woohoo!) The first five are free; however, from that point on they will now be on a fee-for-service basis.

We guess that’s the bulk of it. That wasn’t so bad now, was it?

Image Source: massdistraction under Creative Commons.
Students to pay new fees for some UHS services [News Center]


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