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The UC Board of Regents are meeting today, and as part of a time-honored tradition†, Mark Yudof gives us live updates of all the exciting regentmental action going down at the UCSF campus.

Some highlights straight from his Twitter page:

*Reed: I’ve been in government for 40 years; never seen a budget cut like this. “It’s the mother of all reductions.” CA shouldn’t be #1 here.
*getting ready for public comment at the Board of Regents meeting @ UCSF. Huge crowd. No one’s happy about fee increases; that includes me.

*Lots of shouting. Be nice if everyone shouting respected the free speech rights of the rest of us. We’ll take a break until we can resume.
Regent Blum: it’s “demonstrably silly” that Board and I are blamed for what’s happening. We’ll offer a free bus ticket to Sacramento.
*telling Board If anyone has better plan than mine, I’m for it. But no one can compromise access to and quality of UC. Thanks for standing O

So the Clog’s learned a couple of things: 1) You can prove something is silly. 2) Regents like to talk, too.

†Time-honored since the previous meeting of the regents
Image Source: Skyler Reid, Daily Cal
Mark G. Yudof [Twitter]


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