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Now Starbucks Has Taken Over Your Pocket

Posted By Ruby Elizabeth Lee On Oct 4, 2009 @ 2:23 pm In News | Comments Disabled

If you’re like us and think that basically everything at Starbucks sucks except what they throw enough sugar, syrup and whipped cream at ’til it’s no longer distinguishable as coffee [1], then take this opportunity to tell Starbucks for yourself [2].

Apparently they think there’s something fundamentally wrong with only having a location on every block or two; people should have access to coffee 24/7. Cue light bulb: Instant coffee! But not just regular instant—it’s Starbucks instant [3]. Which we guess just means it tastes like sludge and it’s more expensive than a regular cup.

Starbucks seems pretty excited about it: “It’s pretty revolutionary, when you think about it. With Starbucks VIA™, great coffee can be yours anytime, anywhere. A life-altering concept, with tasty consequences, to be sure.” We’re talking about putting a packet in hot water right? Just checking.

Until October 5, Starbucks invites you to come and order their new “Via” instant coffee to see if you can taste the difference between it and their regular coffee. Even if you can (or even if you spit in the barrista’s face and tell them it tastes like charred mud) you still get a coupon for a free cup of coffee later, so everybody wins. Except maybe you, because you have to drink it.

Starbucks Instant “Via” must die! [Youtube [4]]
Starbucks Via [Website [3]]

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