A Berkeley study of the San Andreas fault after the 2004 Sumatra earthquake found a heightened number of earthquakes that run up in our spot. On the upside, though, their magnitude was also smaller than normal.

But the researchers’ conclusions are still speculative, according to some. Though the data the researchers were working with was extensive, it was gathered from a long time ago, a real long time ago—about 20 years. Thus they were able to compare a whole heap of data points from way before Slim Shady was in demand to that of the post-2004 San Andreas land—including Parkfield, which is where the data comes from.

Which reminds us of the looming threat of the big one and what we can do to be prepared.

Image Source: Frank’s Images under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley study ties 2004 Sumatra quake to California temblors [LA Times]


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