This herd of kangaroos is yours, mate! Take it!

What with the shorter school year and the first phase of Tele-Bears mere days away, it’s about time to start considering the long haul. You know–the haul that starts after you graduate. And–let’s face it–you’ll have to come down from that whole “moving to Australia to adopt a koala and to take up the post of a retired boffin” cloud castle sometime.

When you do, you can gather up your resume, your Outback dust-covered dignity and your Berkeley ID so you can head over Pauley Ballroom. That’s where they’ll be having a graduate and professional school fair from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Wednesday and Thursday.

The Career Center puts on fairs like this for internships, careers and professional schools every semester, so you might as well check them out. Worst case, you waste a half an hour of time you’d be spending eating lunch and crying to yourself about the G.R.E.s. Best case, you find the grad school of your dreams and you go on to be both a boffin and a billionaire who herds kangaroos in his spare time on a large, private estate somewhere. But, you know. It’s up to you.

Image Source: neoxx under Creative Commons
Career Fairs [Career Center]


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