shorts11-235x300Calling all Bay Area hipsters music lovers: the time for Treasure Island Music Festival has almost arrived. Make sure to check out the “Ferris Wheel Confessions” booth, the live mural wall or the Madu Salon booth for a complimentary hair cut. [Site]

Still figuring out your Halloween plans? Instead of partying at the co-ops or trying to weasel some shame-tainted candy out of your neighbors by reliving your youth, change it up with a Halloween-themed concert. [The SFist]

With the university endowment down 30 percent, cookies are no longer being served at Harvard faculty meetings and students are now being denied a hot breakfast. Well, they may have raised our tuition, but at least they haven’t taken away our breakfast. [The New York Times]

A recent health inspection at Smart Alec’s found a few rat droppings near the cash registers, but don’t worry, they still have an ‘A.’ No biggie. [Daily Cal]

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SmartAlecs said:
Oct 22, 2009 at 1:20 am

Maybe if you didnt dine and dash we could afford new mouse traps!