Nobody takes away our libraries. Budget cuts flung the Cal student body into nerdtacular diaspora, and we responded like the pack of (amphetamine raddled) bears ousted from our cave that, indeed, we were. There was confusion; we sat in; most effectively, we phoned mom and dad.

By mid November, all library hours will be back to what they were in the glory days (spring 2009), back when everything was perfect. Hours will be expanded gradually, allowing for training of new students to work the extra time. It all starts this weekend. The first library to reclaim its long lost hours of operation will be announced on Friday.

As things progress: up to the minute library hour updates here.

Image Source: pelicanwind under Creative Commons.
Gifts from parents restore full library hours [News Center]

Ricardo Gomez said:
Oct 15, 2009 at 12:05 am

I will bet your hat that they open the Psychology and Education Library this weekend.