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In a Robin Hood-esque move, University of California officials created a new plan to charge undergraduate
engineering and business students $900 more a year than those in other majors. And as humanities majors (otherwise known as the bastard children of academia) we respond with a resounding “sounds good to us!” Except for a slight hitch—the plan has been delayed pending further study.

The plan would basically be an extension of the current system: those who can afford to pay more tuition should pay more. Only now it’s been modified to: those who are majoring in something that will potentially get them a job that will earn them enough money to pay off the higher debt they’ve acquired should pay more. Plus, everybody knows that charging humanities majors more would basically be like buying them a sleeping bag and telling them, “I think there’s a park down the street.”

Except it’s kind of a bad time, what with the proposed $2,514 tuition increase next year and all. Talk ’bout adding fuel to the fizzling inferno that was the walkout. So UC officials have decided to shelve it ’til people stop complaining about the fee increases the budget is a bit more stable. Anyway, humanities students can now add “paying more” to the list of reasons we won’t sell our souls for a paycheck, or whatever.

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