Keep doing what you’re doing, eco-friendly Berkeleyans. Toil away at your green projects, even when the rest of the country whispers maliciously that we’re all a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Joe Biden is backing you up.

Now you might say, that Delaware guy is nice and all, but what’s he got to do with us? Well, in 2007 Berkeley initiated a plan to finance solar panels in homes. It’s been spreading like environmentally-friendly wildfire to various cities across the nation, and now the federal government wants a piece. The plan is now set to be a national model for conserving energy.

The new national model, called Recovery Through Retrofit, “creates a framework for cities, counties and states to set up tax districts that allow residential and business property owners to install solar panels and make other energy improvements.” With the Berkeley solar financing plan, for example, homeowners end up paying $180 a month for the panels, a cost that is offset by the decreases in their energy bills.

Are you excited yet? This is a big federal model, important enough to get an alliterative title. We’ve got Chu on the cabinet. And now we’ve got Biden. It’s only a matter of time before Berkeley is all-powerful.

Prepare yourselves. And while you’re at it, please go buy solar paneling. We hear the city will help you out.

Image source: Beth Rankin under Creative Commons
Biden to model solar finance plan on Berkeley’s [SFGate]


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