Enjoy your California friends while they last, because next fall you’ll be gettin’ a real big dose of the rest of America (maybe even the elusive “heartland” full of “real Americans”).

OK, that might be a little fear-mongering. But it is true that next fall Berkeley will play host to far more out-of-state students than before. The damaged budget has reared its ugly head once more, and the university needs the money that higher fees for out-of-staters will bring.

As of right now, about 14 percent of Berkeley’s admitted freshmen are from outside California. Now, a “task force of faculty and administrators recently recommended pushing that number up to 23.2 percent for the fall semester.” And to make things worse, 2,500 fewer in-state students will be accepted into the UC system next year regardless of how many out-of-staters are admitted.

UC Chancellor Robert Birgeneau understands our anger, but adds that “that upset needs to be directed to Sacramento.” With all due respect, Chancellor, it’s difficult to direct this upset to a specific place. Right now the upset is simply gushing out of us like a problematic energy drink.

Just another thing to blame on Sacramento.

UC Berkeley to admit more out-of-state students [SFGate]
Image source: nate steiner under Creative Commons

matt said:
Oct 22, 2009 at 1:34 am

I, for one, am glad to hear this. I’ve found out-of-state students, in general, have wonderful personalities, a strong work ethic, and exceptional intelligence.

Of course, a state school ought to serve the interest of its in-state taxpayers, and, in so doing, prefer in-state applicants.