When you’re shattering a bottle of Mickey’s against the far wall of Cloyne Court’s courtyard this weekend (or any weekend!) keep in mind that this wall is shared by a now 5 million dollars more prestigious Goldman School of Public Policy. Richard and Rhoda, your names will remain in letters.

The extra funds will allow the Goldman School to grow and develop a more extensive international outreach as well as incorporate more science and information technology into the curriculum. And that’s how you keep up with the Joneses, or, in this case the John F. Kennedies and Woodrow Wilson’s over on the other coast.

Got to say, Goldman’s in good shape. With roughly half of its full time staff advising the president and applications up by 30 percent, this donation stands to elevate the G-school to a new level of prestige.

Image Source: Florence Chan under Creative Commons.
Goldman School to have greater impact, thanks to $5 million gift [News Centre]


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