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In this time of economic turmoil, everybody seems to be looking for extra cash. And those people who happen to have enough cash are keeping quiet about it. But such is not the case in Germany.

A group of rich Germans have banded together to petition the government to charge them higher taxes, suggesting that a 5 percent “wealth tax” be implemented on the richest citizens to raise  100 billion euros (that’s $150 billion).

The group claims they have everything they need and they feel the money could be put to better use on social programs to aid in economic recovery.

Are these people for real? Somehow we don’t see this catching on over on this side of the pond. If you have everything you need, buy something you don’t need. Don’t want anymore things? Get all the stuff you have plated in gold. Just because. It’s the American way. Duh.

Surely these Germans have something else up their sleeves, something far more nefarious than helping their country through economic troubles, because who does that?

Image Source: covilha under Creative Commons
Rich Germans demand higher taxes [BBC]
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