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Mailbag: We Promise We’re Not Judging

Posted By Diana Newby On Oct 29, 2009 @ 9:44 pm In The Specials | Comments Disabled


It’s Christmas come early at the Clog, boys and girls. Considering how long it’s been (read: over five months [1]) since we last cleaned out our comment closet, we’ve got a veritable Santa’s bag of goodies this time around.

Where O where to begin? Perhaps an appetizer featuring unexpected “your mom” jokes [2]? Or maybe you prefer to whet your taste with a tall glass of ummm-fair-enough [3]?

OK, sorry, the allegory was starting to creep us out, too. Speaking of creepy, we found this baby on a Nov. 2008 post on “How To: Meet Clint Eastwood [4]“:

I would like to meet Clint Eastwood because he is my father and I have never met my father. So how do you meet some that is famous and tell Them Hi I am your son. I don’t expect to meet him in this life as he is getting on in years and so am I fore that matter. I have been trying for the last ten years with no luck.

Not much we can say about that one.

Moving on to slightly less unsettling territory—in response to our mention of rat droppings in their facilities, a commenter bearing the moniker “SmartAlecs” offered the rejoinder [5], “Maybe if you didnt dine and dash we could afford new mouse traps!” Which had us all riled up with righteous indignation (how could you people rip off the creators of such delicious soup?!) … until we remembered that at Smart Alec’s, you pay before you get your food.

And then we were just confused.

Which is apparently a recurrent trend, considering our bemusement when confronted with the comments by “Cassie Myers” [6] on a post by … Cassie Myers. With the first one beginning “C’mon Cassie,” no less. Schizophrenia, mayhap? Or the case of the wily doppelganger?? It took some intensive sleuthing, but we Nancy Drew’d the sh•t out of you, Cassie Myers … who isn’t really Cassie Myers (spoiler!).

And now, having saved the best for last: one of our most esteemed followers—hint: his name rhymes with Bearcardo … oh, did that totally give it away?—has (somewhat unsurprisingly) accrued a fervent (and ironically anonymous) following of his own. Reproductive overtures [7] are great and all, but we think this quote [8] most effectively sums up the prevailing sentiment:

What you do not know about Ricardo Gomez is that he has the strength of one thousand stallions, the heart of one thousand warriors, and the stamina of one thousand prickly pears. The prophets say he will also liberate England from one thousand Queens.


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