We at the Clog, intrepid explorers that we are, happened to notice that Yogurtland’s new location has opened its doors on Shattuck Avenue next to Shattuck Cinemas. New Yogurtland is a mere 5 blocks from its Berkeley predecessor near Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue, and now yet another entry on the ridiculously long list of frozen yogurt establishments that the city of Berkeley somehow manages to support.

The new location is more or less the same as the other one, with a bit more floor space, actual tables at which one might sit to enjoy his or her yogurt, and a few more flavors.

And given the popularity of the other Yogurtland location, we’re wondering if this additional opening has other frozen yogurt vendors shaking in their boots. Yogurt Harmony, which offers yogurt smoothies and shaved ice concoctions, is practically across the street. Frozen Creations, which boasts a business model eerily similar to Yogurtland’s, is located a few blocks down the road.

Only time will tell if Berkeley, in fact, can get enough frozen yogurt.

Image Source: love・janine under Creative Commons

Panda said:
Nov 2, 2009 at 11:42 am

fuck yogurt land im still pissed about the whole panda express ordeal.