A-something, like-a this?In what we presume is an effort to increase transparency and respond to student concerns about the you-know-what, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau has agreed to meet with students in what ASUC Prez Will Smelko called a “STUDENT TOWN HALL” in an e-mail earlier today.

The “STUDENT TOWN HALL” will also feature Executive Vice Chancellor George Breslauer and Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard, not to mention “key student representatives,” who we’re sure are not in any way affiliated with the ASUC and are not in any way named “Will Smelko.”

We’re also sure that this “conversation” will be a very orderly and un-shit show-like event, where students and administrators, together, will make fair, rational arguments and everyone’s voice will be heard. No one will yell or be irrelevant and/or self-righteous and when Birgy opens his mouth, sunshine will spontaneously spill forth into the world. Solutions will be discovered and good times will be had by all.

OK, OK–our cynicism got a little out of hand, there. We guess any attempt at transparency is a worthwhile attempt at transparency. Right? So good on you, ASUC and Chancellor Birgeneau. We’re looking forward to seeing how things go down this Thursday from 7:30-9:30 p.m. in Pauley Ballroom.

Image Source: Lara Brucker, Daily Cal


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