internet insomnee

A weird foursome: could it be that teenagers prone to depression sleep less and use the internet more, resulting in worse depression and tossing them into a real nasty sleep minimizing, internet and depression maximizing situation? Of course we, sound and sturdy early twenty-somethings that we are, are far beyond silly adolescent things like all-nighters, depression and the internet. But hey, how ’bout our soft minded kid brothers and sisters? Yet another psych study gets underway:

Thirteen- to 19-year-olds are being recruited by UC Berkeley’s Sleep and Psychological Disorders Laboratory, which, in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente, Oregon, will study their sleep and psychological disorders. A connection between a good night’s rest and mental soundness has been established in adults, but this has yet to be confirmed in adolescents. Of course, we’d be slightly surprised if the reverse turned out to be.

In 1988, a survey of 10th and 12th graders revealed that about 45 percent of them regularly went to bed after midnight on school nights. The UC Berkeley study will provide modern numbers on this account, the expectation being that the internet has stretched kids’ waking hours more than a little. All remains to be seen …

Image Source: angeluzzo under Creative Commons.
Study to explore if more sleep will help teens shake off depression [News Center]


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