So you’re pedaling north on Shattuck Avenue. Fast. It’s about 1:30 a.m., you’ve had a couple beers. In fact, you have a couple beers duct taped to your helmet. Reserve stash. You’re about to blast through Addison Street and swing an artful left-hand turn onto University Avenue,when suddenly the light turns RED.

Do you come to a screeching halt? Do you yell “F*CK DA PO-LEECE” and keep going? Honestly, the intersection at Addison Street and Shattuck Avenue is absolute mayhem to begin with. So what difference does one college kid running a red light on a bike really make?

Forty minutes of footage secretly captured at a San Francisco intersection offers insight into a majority of Bay Area bike enthusiasts’ flagrant disregard of bike traffic laws. According to the tape, seven cyclists came to a complete stop. Fifteen paused. Ninety-one ploughed straight through the intersection.

With a recent influx of UCPD ticketing on campus for biking in restricted areas, we can’t help but wonder if the po’ will start cracking down on the streets of Berkeley.

Perhaps Berkeley Critical Mass should start a blog similar to the one recently launched by its mother chapter across the bay so that off-duty cops and angry civilians can channel their passive aggressive bike hating into anonymous comments.

In the meantime, bike enthusiasts beware. The New York Times may be watching.

Video Diary of an Intersection [YouTube]
San Francisco’s Cyclists Facing Backlash for Flouting Rules of the Road [NY Times]

ruby said:
Nov 8, 2009 at 6:55 pm

Aw, I was waiting for the guy who left his coffee on top of his car to drive off with it, but he remembered at the last minute.