Every girl you know with a septum piercing and a thing for Jews hightailed her androgynous-footwear to the Multicultural Center Friday night with a single hope: to get extremely loud and incredibly close with bestselling author Jonathan Safran Foer. And his glasses. After a reading from his new non-fiction book, “Eating Animals,” Foer engaged in an hour-long dialogue with Berkeley meat eaters and others alike.

While some think the book is nothing more than a glorified PETA pamphlet with cutesy cover art, we did learn some neat stuff:

-Ninety-nine percent of factory chicken pens are about the size of Mariah Carey’s engagement ring.
-Factory farming is the leading cause to global warming.
-Swine flu has been traced back to a factory farm in North Carolina. But we blame Mexico. Because they beat us in the Guac-off and we’re still bitter about it.
-Muckraking is the new magical realism.
-Michael Pollan has his Bay Area foodie head in the clouds but so do we.
-It’s hard to turn down Stewed Dog in the Philippines, especially Wedding Style.
-By the time your turkey reaches the Thanksgiving table this year, the bird will most likely have undergone enough genetic mutations to render it physically incapable of reproduction.

The Clog admits that this little spoiler may not be the perfect dinner topic at Thanksgiving dinner. Foer does pose an interesting question, though: Why turkey? What is it about a sterile dead bird that says to us “bounty and harvest?”

The irony isn’t wasted on us. It’s sort of like putting a donkey in charge of an in vitro fertilization lab.

What can we say? Uh-MER-kuh rules?

Now excuse us while we tear down Telegraph Avenue yelling Natalie Portman’s favorite swear word.

Image Source: allyaubry under Creative Commons
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