You messed with the wrong food court, PANDA! Oh, wait, there’s more than one? No, we’re talking about the Bear’s Lair vendors’ strike. What were you talking about? Hm. Anyway, have you heard about the strike in the Bear’s Lair Food Court?

Yeah, apparently the owners of Taqueria El Tacontento and Healthy Heavenly Foods aren’t too pleased with their increased rent. Kinda sucks that the damn Store Operations Board basically doubled their rent to make way for evil corporations, like (but not necessarily) Panda Express.

But you’re right, it does seem kind of silly for a business that’s already kind of struggling to turn away money-making business–even if it is to make a valid point. We mean, they’re still paying rent, right now … right? And plus, we know tons of people are majorly jonesing for some conveniently packaged spring rolls.

Uh huh. It probably would be better if they stayed open and maybe left their prominent signs up to inform customers of their peril. That way maybe they could make a little money and not leave their loyal patrons hungry. Well, we guess we’ll see you around. Have a good one! Yeah, we should totally get coffee some time. Coffee Spot? For sure, they’re still open.

Image Source: Kaptain Kobold under Creative Commons
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