Daily Cal sports writer Jimmy Tran on this photo: "I worked that guy."

Few Cal fans know that the Big Game wasn’t the only trans-bay football contest of epic proportions that occurred this past Saturday. Every year, on the morning of the Big Game, the staff of The Farm’s student paper, The Stanford Daily, battles the staff of our very own Daily Californian for the coveted Exacto knife (Get it? It’s like an axe! Only, smaller. And more paper-related) in a flag football game.

Every year, these two groups come together to perpetuate a rivalry older than time itself. Every year, flags are grabbed, touchdowns are scored and mirth is had by all involved. And every year (since, like, 2003 anyway) the Daily Californian prevails in victories that are as symbolic as they are impressive. Every year, that is, until this year.

Daily Cal EIC suits up (or down ... )A surprisingly beefier-than-last-year Stanford Daily squad managed to overtake the Bears, 56-42, despite Cal’s significantly more spirited (and, dare we say, sexy) bench. (See right.) Stanford went on to win the customary post-game boat race. It was a disappointing moment for the members of the Daily Cal, who strive for excellence in everything they do. We won’t get into the details of the game, since they are too fresh–too painful. Furthermore, we don’t remember many.

What we do remember is that the Bears collectively vowed never to be defeated in such a manner again. They also vowed to use the memory of this year’s heartbreaking loss as fuel for their revenge fire next year, when they plan to take back the knife … and their dignity.

Since its birth in 2006, The Daily Clog has been tasked with covering the Ink Bowl. For those who may be confused as to the Clog’s stake in the event, we’d like to remind readers that the Clog is, in fact, affiliated with the esteemed Daily Californian, sort of like Guam is affiliated with the esteemed United States.

Image Sources: Lara Brucker and Victoria Chow, Daily Cal
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