We promise this is the last post about last week’s strike, but it’s official: the strike has struck. Though not everyone just put down their picket sign and updated their Twitter after Friday’s events:

*Forty-one students were arrested for trespassing. [LA Times]
*Two students had a few fingers broken by a few baton-happy riot guards, although no formal complaints have been filed. [SF Gate]
*”UC Berkeley officials said they will conduct an investigation into the behavior of police and protestors outside Wheeler Hall on Friday in response to allegations of brutality and video images that showed several altercations between riot gear-clad law enforcement officers and demonstrators.” [SF Gate]
*About 100 demonstrators gathered on the steps of Wheeler Hall Monday to protest police aggression, calling for another occupation of Wheeler Hall sometime in early December to coincide with the 45th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement. [SF Gate]
*The protesters then headed down to the Oakland courthouse where three students accused of burglary were to be arraigned. Turns out the charges were never filed, so they decided to go to Yudof’s office in Oakland, where (surprise) they were told he wasn’t there. The reason? It was one of his furlough days. Hmm … [SF Gate]
*Fifty-one students and professors at UC Davis, involved in a hunger strike in front of an administration building, were arrested. [CBS13]
*Over at UCLA, two students were tasered and two were pepper sprayed. Fourteen people were arrested. [Daily Cal], [MercuryNews.com]
*”Students in California are protesting their schools’ tuition increase, and other universities across the nation are facing similar dilemmas.” [Newsy.com]

The Clog also got some student reactions from last Friday:

*“I think it’s an awesome starting point. I think we need to move on [now] from signs and educate ourselves, not to discredit the movement. We need to educate ourselves about the facts.” —Jason Navarro, 4th year English major with an education minor
*“We need to get more politically involved.” —Erik Santacruz 4th year Sociology major
*“The faculty support is amazing,” both Navarro and Santacruz agreed.
*“I think it’s really important for people to be out in support of the people occupying.” —Maryam Shamlou, 1st year undeclared
*“It’s a duty to be out here. I want to go eat, but it’s a duty.” —Nikolas Soelter, 1st year undeclared

Randomly overheard:

*“Fuck that shit up!”
*“ … need some celebrities, call up Jay Z and Obama … ”

Image Sources: Cassie Myers, Evante Garza-Licudine and Valerie Woolard
Cassie Myers contributed to this post.


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