O'Malley speaks!According to THE NEW YORK TIMES (ahem, sorry. We just get kind of excited when we talk about legitimate news sources that aren’t moments from death), The Berkeley Daily Planet has been getting some heat for hating on the Jews. Or something.

The article talks about how readers have criticized publisher Becky O’Malley for running anti-semitic letters to the editor, while O’Malley counters that she believes in freedom of speech and that the opinions she prints aren’t necessarily her own. It also addresses the local paper’s financial woes.

What’s great about this whole thing is that the real, live, printed New York Times dedicated such lengthy analysis to the controversy. Because everybody ’round these parts absolutely depends on the Daily Planet for their serious news. Maybe the folks at the Times were all like, “Oh my God, have you seen the quotes in this story? Everyone in the world must see them! Immediately! I don’t care if this has almost no national relevance!”

And, boy, does the article include some outrageous quotes. Like this one:

“We make a serious effort to get most words spelled right in the headlines, which we don’t always achieve,” Ms. O’Malley said. “And we of course never knowingly print something that we know to be untrue. But, frankly, there are things we don’t know.”

Yeah. There’s more where that came from. Just read it. You won’t be sorry. Same goes for perusing the Daily Planet’s site, incidentally.

Image Source: peterme under Creative Commons
In a Home to Free Speech, a Paper Is Accused of Anti-Semitism [NY Times], via Berkeleyside

matt said:
Nov 29, 2009 at 7:30 pm

Link is broken. But fix it! (Please. :) )(I want to see it!)

Evante Garza-Licudine said:
Nov 29, 2009 at 7:40 pm

The link in the bottom should be fixed now, matt.

Allison said:
Nov 30, 2009 at 4:34 pm

The article is not about the BDP as printing anit-Semitic letters/op-ed. The content was specific to criticism of Israel, and a large quantity of such critiques were written by Jewish residents of the East Bay.

The issue is more or less, the BDP prints a variety of opinions on Israeli policy. A few individuals in the East Bay determine that criticism of Israel = anti-Semitic material (regardless, that this is really baseless), and then go on a full forced campaign to defame the BDP.

Gentz went to local businesses who advertise in the BDP and told them that he was representing the Berkeley Jewish community, the said community finds the paper anti-Semitic. These allegations are dangerous to throw around, and many businesses did cancel their ads, as to not be associated with such a charge of racism.

However, the real issue remains intact: Gentz is on a political campaign that acts under the name of stopping anti-Semitic articles, whereas the central issue is Israeli domestic and foreign policy.

Additionally, when sources and sites like the Daily Clog re-publish an abbreviated rendition of the NYT article with de-contextualized quotes—the Daily Clog is participating is the spreading of fabrication and really–economic coercion against the BDP.