As you Hass kids are probably well aware, there’s big money in India. It’s bigger than outsourcing and off-shoring. It’s bigger than back office jobs and massive tele-operator centers. A recent segment of NPR’s “Forum With Michael Krasny” explores the economic ties between the United States and India, a bond which Obama prophesies to be “one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century.”

According to Bay Area Council Economic Institute CEO Sean Randolph and UC Berkeley’s visiting scholar Vivek Wadhwa, this bond is hella strong right here in northern California, the venture capital hub of Uh-mer-kuh. Here’s why:

India is a nation populated by the technological innovators that shape Western supply and demand. On the flip side, these middle class brainiacs have money to burn on Bay Area product. Think Levis. Think Oracle software. The list goes on and on. Result: Bay Area suits find a new BFF in the burgeoning domestic market of India.

Moral of the story? OK, so you know when your laptop breaks and Mac troubleshooting transfers your call to some 20-something in a Bangalore phone bank to help you resuscitate your motherboard? And then he asks you to reboot and there’s that really awkward silence as your laptop restarts? USE THAT AWKWARD SILENCE TO NETWORK, PEOPLE!

Image Source: Carol Mitchell under Creative Commons
India and the Bay Area [KQED Radio]


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