student debtSays a *retrospective* study: for the past four years Californian students have graduated in better financial shape than their extra-Californian counterparts, debt-wise. Fewer graduate with debt at all, and those who do have less of it. Boy, cheery. Whether this trend continues will depend on how aid programs like Cal Grant weather budget cuts. We won’t be holding our breaths. Anyhow, check out these once uplifting numbers!

In 2008, 48 percent of Californians graduated with a debt averaging $17,795.

Nationally, around two-thirds of students graduated in debt averaging $23,200, which had grown from $18,650. Affordable tuition and an impressive Cal Grant program were to thank for our awesome numbers.

Californian public school debt ranged from $11,000 to $18,000, more or less. The debt-heaviest school was Cogswell Polytechnical College ($60,268 wow) and the debt-lightest school was Cal Tech, at $9,871.

The Project on Student Debt was carried out by researchers here at UC Berkeley.

Image Source: David Michael Morris under Creative Commons.
California student debt among lowest in U.S [SFGate]


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