confessionSo here we all were, a good couple hours into dead week, free of classes, with nothing to do but study and dread the approaching onslaught of finals. Perhaps you were working on a paper, making flashcards, doing practice finals or planning to do one or all of those things. But then … Anoncon appeared.

It’s a finals tradition as ingrained as the naked library run, in which UC Berkeley students blow off steam during finals by anonymously confessing their assorted misdeeds and deepest secrets.

And many of us must now come to the sad realization that instead of doing the many important things we should be doing, we’ll be squandering hours reading about the hottest GSIs and freshman admitting to having sex while their roommate was in the room.

Oh Anoncon, how we’ve missed you.

Image Source: Andy Woo under Creative Commons
UCB Anonymous Confessions [site]


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