Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd, and Joshua Fattal, the three UC Berkeley graduates detained in Iran, are still there. They have been charged with espionage and are now entering their fifth month of imprisonment. Thankfully, though, many people are rallying to get our hikers back. A host of people, including several celebrities, just sent a letter to Iran’s Mission to the UN.

“Shane’s work as a journalist in the Middle East, Sarah’s . . . support for the rights of women and the underprivileged, and Josh’s dedication to a sustainable environment” show their commitment to “a harmonious world,”

the signers wrote in an appeal for their [the hikers'] freedom.

Signers included Gloria Steinem, Richard Branson, Mia Farrow, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and over 70 others. The signers make an intriguingly diverse group, all joined together for an important cause. Here’s hoping that the power of celebrity and the influence of sheer force of numbers can help bring these hikers safely home.

Image source: frankh under Creative Commons
Celebrities urge Iran to release U.S. hikers [Philadelphia Inquirer]
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matt said:
Dec 7, 2009 at 9:05 pm

As much as I’d like to see these journalists released, using the “power of celebrity” is only going to inflame the situation.

The “power of celebrity” is a hallmark quality of American culture, and isn’t that exactly the sort of thing the Iranian conservatives hate? And, oh yeah, aren’t they the ones in power right now?

This is just more naivete from political and silver-screen celebs.