studyThe official “dead week” period is coming to a close, and some of you will face your first finals mere hours from now. So we figured you should end it on the right foot, whether that be with procrastination or another round of studying. Whatever you choose, we’re not judging.

For all you procrastinators out there, we’ve already mentioned Anoncon, which is sort of like the trashy reality show that you feel sleazy taking any part of but just can’t look away. For some more highbrow fare (some more highbrow than others) we refer you to the Daily Cal’s final(s) issue which includes some of our favorite ways to procrastinate.

If you’d rather get some real studying done, the blog Hack College has a great collection of posts to help you get the most out of your study session. Some favorite topics include “How to Study Distraction Free” and “Mixing the Ultimate Study Binge Trail Mix.” And it’s getting late, so you might also want to check out a rundown of the best energy drinks to keep you alert during this difficult time.

Good luck.

Image Source: scui3asteveo under Creative Commons
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