If Anoncon isn’t satisfying all of your procrastination needs, then head over to Facebook (aka the other finals time vortex) and check out the new UC Berkeley Texts From Last Night group. For those who aren’t religious TFLN readers, the site is essentially devoted to incriminating or amusing texts that the sender probably regrets (or doesn’t remember) sending.

Here’s some highlights from the new Berkeley-based version:

(916): Apparently ive been voted the sexiest man and sexiest woman on my floor.

(818): Just turned down a booty call to study. I think I’ve earned my grades and my dignity.

(no area code) Sorry, I just woke up. Is anything still going on at Wheeler? should i put some pants on?

(310): omg i’m gonna die. i just realized the RA who wrote us up is in my poli sci section…

(707): Wana make babies? I mean CANDY?

(559) We should continue singing church songs so we feel better about what we just did.

(213): The weed is safe!

(650) I’m in my happy place. It’s a pretend world where I’m sober.

(714): we should text about last night so we can put it on texts from last night

Submit your own texts to the group, you know you’ve been updating your Facebook every 15 minutes anyway.

“Lightening Up” is a Clog special devoted to link-stacking … er … finding Facebook groups of interest. And by interest, we mean anything that seems amusing to us at the time. Since there are millions upon millions of Facebook groups which surely must amuse someone, this special will NEVER DIE.

Image Source: Dave Schumaker under Creative Commons
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Paul said:
Dec 16, 2009 at 2:21 pm

Hi Ruby, I am the creator of the group and wanted to thank you for posting this up. Keep your eyes open for a few upcoming updates!

Jeanne said:
Dec 18, 2011 at 1:56 pm

As Charlie Sheen says, this acritle is “WINNING!”