Waiting for the 51 is like waiting to achieve Nirvana. The sticky bench. The splat of an unidentified stain seeping into the cracks of the sidewalk (Yogurt Park and home-fermented beer don’t mix, ya dig?), the wizened cashier from your favorite Phở joint clutching a plastic bag of leftovers, the Vietnam Vet offering you sage advice in between generous swigs from a brown paper bag. The wait is long and hard-earned, but once you’re on that bus, it’ll take you anywhere and everywhere.

Thanks to a unanimous vote for an 8.4 percent cut to the AC Transit system, come March, we’ll all be spending a lot more quality time waiting at the bus stop. AC Transit attributes the cuts to “depressed sales tax revenues, state raids on local transit funds, and rising costs for employee benefits.”

Whatevs. It’s cool. We don’t mind waiting an extra few minutes to get to Trader Joe’s. We’re mostly depressed that there will be no more direct line to the Oakland Zoo on weekends anymore. Weekdays are still a go, though, if anyone wants to play hooky to talk smack with the bonobos.

Image Source:  Michael Patrick under Creative Commons
AC Transit to scale back service in March [Inside Bay Area]


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