We’ve all heard the stories of super seniors—with all those darn major requirements, (or “reqs” in college lingo) it’s hard to make it out of here in four years. But there’s a lesson for any who balk at the slightest delay in their diploma. Do you think you understand what it means to be a super senior? Try getting your diploma almost seventy years after the fact. read more »


It’s almost time to pack up and leave for your holiday break, but before you go, check your UC stocking because you got a present: a holiday letter to faculty and staff from UC President Mark Yudof. Break out the eggnog.

As bloggers, we are expected to muster up a certain amount of scorn for letters such as these, but it is such a bland letter that it’s difficult to get angry about. Yudof discusses plans for the new year, including asking for more moolah from Sac-town. He also insists that we need “to help Californians understand that UC is their university.” (Although we think read more »

If Anoncon isn’t satisfying all of your procrastination needs, then head over to Facebook (aka the other finals time vortex) and check out the new UC Berkeley Texts From Last Night group. For those who aren’t religious TFLN readers, the site is essentially devoted to incriminating or amusing texts that the sender probably regrets (or doesn’t remember) sending.

Here’s some highlights from the new Berkeley-based version:

(916): Apparently ive been voted the sexiest man and sexiest woman on my floor.

(818): Just turned down a booty call to study. I think I’ve earned my grades and my dignity. read more »

You know that satisfying “THWAP” sound when you smack down a hard copy of your term paper on top of a large pile of other (inferior) term papers on the day it’s due? I think we can all agree that it’s a cathartic moment. Sometimes it even moves us to tears. MLA style tears.

Imagine that feeling times (literally) 300 when some of your GSIs congregate in front of the degrees office this Friday and hand over 2 arduously printed copies of the dissertation they’ve been slaving over much longer than they’d care to admit. (That is, when they’re not busy wrangling bratty undergrads.) Best treasure that “THWAP” while you still can, grad students, because this semester marks the end of paper dissertations at Berkeley.

Sure, this initiative may be greener than your Great Uncle McHoolahan on St. Patrick’s day (it is estimated to save roughly half a million pages of paper per year), but will online publishing serve as an engraved invitation to plagiarizers everywhere?

Image Source: Chnrdu under Creative Commons
Paper is out, digital is in, when it comes to dissertations [News Center]

shorts11-235x300Out of context, a plethora of wire coat hangers manifesting in the Congressional mailroom might just seem confusing. But given the anti-abortion amendment currently under consideration in this week’s version of the health care bill, the innocuous objects, courtesy of Berkeley City Council, sent their message loud and clear. [SF Gate]

Not to single anyone out or anything, but on the subject of a certain “type of terrorism” that went down on Friday, we have this to say: here’s a feel-good story about a group of people who truly had something to complain about. Believe us: We could not be any less sarcastic … Just hoping to offer some of you a little perspective. [MercuryNews]

And, on that note, be glad you’re not about to go on trial for allegedly trespassing in Iran. In an anomalous bout of Cloggy optimism, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a reasonable ruling—i.e., one that sends the hikers home, for crying out loud. [BayNewser]

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Gay marriage was just defeated in New York, but here’s a little something to sweeten the tea of Prop 8 haters: not only did Houston just elect its first openly gay mayor, but also a gay Latino man was just chosen to lead the state Assembly! Even cooler? The guy was a Berkeley alum!

The man is John Pérez, a Democrat from Los Angeles. His roots in labor run deep, and he also spent time as the Democratic Caucus’ chairman. Reports say he will be key in budget read more »

Last year's fair.Tie dye!

So make your time … for the 26th annual Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair. Yes, it is upon us and–as evidenced by the fact that the fair was still bumping earlier today–people will be out there selling crafty things and other whatnot, rain or shine.

Vendors will be lining the famed thoroughfare from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. again tomorrow, and on Dec. 19, 20, 23 and 24. Now would be the time to load up on unique gifts, sure to impress upon your grandparents just how “Berkeley” you’ve become since you left for college. Didgeridoos and henna for everyone!

Image Sources: Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair website (top); Jill Cowan (right)
Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair [Site]

BARENewsomCoverThe winter installment of UC Berkeley’s leading fashion quarterly, BARE Magazine, found its covergirl in none other than Mrs. Mayor Gavin Newsom herself: Jennifer Siebel.

Student photgrapher Ericka Veliz captured several shots of San Francisco’s First Lady near Ghiradelli Square—what more delectable a fashionscape to revamp the whimsy that made Bay Area style iconic. Siebel sported local designers the likes of Christopher Collins and Colleen Quen for the shoot.

Newsom also sat down with BARE reporter Katie Sarna to talk about her upcoming documentary debut, “Miss Representation”, girl power, wearable San Francisco fashion, and what it’s really like to be married to Gavin Newsom.

The issue went to print this week, we urge you to snag a copy. We’re also intrigued by BARE’s coverage of “Cal’s Co-op Culture” (knit hats out of your compost much?), our campus Muslim community’s insights on the Hijab, as well as the “Primal Instinct” spread.

Image Source: Courtesy Ericka Veliz, BARE Magazine
Jennifer Siebel Returns To Camera’s Lens [SFist]

Late last night, a group of people marched on Bobby B’s University House and ended up scattering garbage, destroying lighting and overturning planters. Eight people ended up being arrested by UCPD after the Birg called the fuzz at 11:14 p.m., and two of those arrested were UC Berkeley students. Wait, just two? According to UCPD, the names and ages of the arrested are as follows (in approximate ascending order of age for your convenience): read more »

studyThe official “dead week” period is coming to a close, and some of you will face your first finals mere hours from now. So we figured you should end it on the right foot, whether that be with procrastination or another round of studying. Whatever you choose, we’re not judging. read more »

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