Being just a few hours away from the start of spring classes, some of us may realize we need a couple more units to make the minimum. We may end up feeling like Brian Regan the day his science project was due: “Oh no. That’s due today. I had nine months to work on it; I did nothing. I have a cardboard box.” It’s times like then when we resort to DeCals.

But what’s that? It looks like the DeCal site has been streamlined. If it wasn’t before, it should now be blindingly obvious where to find the list of offered classes, which is the only thing anyone really cares about anyway.

Still not sure what you want to take? Check below the jump for our choice for just a few of the winningest of the winning:

*James Bond: Politics, Pop Culture, Hero
*The Politics of Piracy
*We are who we eat: Living in an undead world..with ZOMBIES!!
*Chamber Music for Fun
*The Long and Winding Road: The History of the Beatles
*Teach in Prison
*Art Decal: Introduction to Creative Thought
*Latex for Math & Science
*The Life & Legacy of Tupac Amaru Shakur

and a ton more.

Image Source: DeCal site


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