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The Sad Tale of Three Hikers in Iran: Your Biannual Update

Posted By Diana Newby On Jan 26, 2010 @ 12:16 am In News | Comments Disabled

No exaggeration—it really has been nearly half a year since the trio of Berkeley grads’ arrest [1] after crossing illegally over the Iranian-Kurdish border. Since that fateful day in July, the resultant bandwagon colored in varying shades of indignant outrage has accumulated quite a following, from university officials [2] to the U.S. government [3] to a number of miscellaneous celebs [4].

Now, pending a Council vote tomorrow, the City of Berkeley seeks to add itself to those ranks by means of a letter [5] addressed to the Iranian government advocating for the hikers’ release. The timbre of said letter, authored by council member Kriss Worthington, is unique in a number of respects—particularly in its emphasis on Berkeley’s historically sympathetic attitude toward the Middle East as lending especial credence toward its collective two cents.

Whether Iran will be moved by a California city’s culturally relativistic tenets remains to be seen. In the meantime, the hikers’ purported trial continues to, well, not happen; and now their family members are speaking out via a petition comprised of YouTube videos [6] asking Iran to set the threesome free. If you’re feeling energized by increasing bitterness at the injustice of it all, solidarity is just a few clicks away [7].

Free the hikers – submit your video response now [YouTube [8]]
Berkeley to Vote on Letter to Iran on 3 Hikers’ Behalf [NYT Blog [5]]
Iran Hikers’ Siblings Launch YouTube Petition [NBC Bay Area [6]]

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