Endeavorin’ to blur the parameters of conventional (no touching, just contemplate) art, BAM invites you to chill all over its new giant curvy foam/wood installment. You don’t look impressed. We can see that “excuse me while I crawl back ‘inside the box’” look in your eyes. Wait! This might actually be awesome for your life. Equipped with power outlets, the installment serves as a study/work space for your laptop and you!

BAMscape was designed by by Thom Faulders and opened yesterday (to stick around for a year!). The art museum literally tore down walls to make a proper space for it in its atrium. Windows let light in. The thing is kind of comfortable. Undulating waves.

“The structure offers multiple seating possibilities and focal points, providing settings for large-scale performance, intimate discussion, or solitary yet sociable relaxation” says a BAM editor.

Please go, why don’t you! BAM continues to have its Friday [email protected] Nights events. Check out the Marker Dance Party on Feb. 12. It will involve KALX DJs and drawing on walls.

Image Source: Alex Bigman
A [email protected] start to the weekend [Berkeleyside]


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