NO TOUCHING ... er, CUSSING! Protesters planning to march forth on March fourth might do well to start practicing their chants minus the explicit content. ( “Dang the man” and “Fiddlestick the po-lice,” anyone?) Not because being articulate and generally refraining from obscenity of their own accord will make them more credible, but because this week has been officially designated “Cuss Free Week” in California.

Assemblyman Anthony Portantino got his inspiration for the bill from some probably self-righteous little whippersnapper from Pasadena who started a “No Cussing Club” at his junior high school, and the idea has really taken off among the considerably older folks in the Assembly.

But fear not! Unlike that one time the ASUC debated a “Go Bears” resolution for-freaking-ever, this ostensible total waste of time might actually have some (incredibly minor) tangible effects. Every legislative office in the capitol will have a swear jar of sorts, where legislators can self-censor with donations to the charity of their choice. More like “Cuss Expensively Week!” Are we right, guys? … Guys?

Image Source: Tuaussi under Creative Commons
California Assembly passes resolution for ‘Cuss Free Week’ [Mercury News]

bird fucken

Is your sperm or egg production conflicting with your mating habits? Tired of the usual forms of birth control? With your plight in mind, UC Berkeley scientists look to the birds. Seems they got what you need. read more »

In other vandalism news, the Berkeley anti-graffiti vigilante Jim Sharp, aka “The Silver Buff”, is still tagging strong, soon to debut in a vanity project entitled “Vigilante Vigilante.” The documentary, scheduled for a late 2010 release, hopes to “delve headfirst into the debate over illegal public expression.”

Sharp’s relentless YouTube documentarian, username Vigilantefilm, remains convinced that his meticulous removal of Berkeley’s “visual noise,” i.e. tearing down of posters and smearing local tags with large, mysterious silver voids, makes him “the most prolific graffiti vandal [Berkeley] has ever seen.”

So keep your eyes peeled for that silver paint, ladies. You never know when and where “The Silver Buff” will strike next.

Vigilante Vigilante – The People Who Buff Graffiti [YouTube]
The Silver Buff Anti-Graffiti Vigilante in Berkeley [SFist]

greenFor you avid Clog readers (if such people exist), you know that free stuff has a very special place in our collective heart. And if there’s anything we’ve learned here at Berkeley, it’s that free stuff abounds in the college world.

We abide by the three f’s: fairs, festivals and any event with the word “free” in the description. That’s why the annual Play Green Festival represents something akin to a religious holiday to us. Not only is it the Mecca of free-ness, it presents the opportunity to simultaneously feel good about oneself while engaging in a completely selfish activity.

Energy bars overwhelmed the Cliff table in more varieties than we could even stuff in our mouth before feeling guilty. Ben and Jerry’s was passing out ice cream in bulk to hoarding students who didn’t seem to realize they only had 20 minutes ’till it all melted. There were more kinds of granola and pita than we knew what to do with, homemade butter making and more samples than we could fit in our already oversized bag. read more »

1984… a Berkeley School of Information report shows.

OK, that title might be a wee bit incendiary. However, take a gander at the I School’s doosie of a reality-check, and we bet that you too will be gathering your non-technological possessions and heading toward a remote wooded cabin in which to live out a more simple existence, “Walden”/”Children of Men” style.

The report pertains to “online location privacy,” a concern engendered by the read more »

ruby, rachel, noahOn Wednesday, Hillel hosted a discussion with local entrepreneur and founder of Noah’s Bagels(the first was on College Avenue), Noah Alper. There were doughnuts of plenty, an appropriate choice since they are essentially just the fried, frosted bastard children of the bagel. But we digress.

Noah is exactly how you’d picture him: a short, animated little Jewish fellow with a newsboy cap, an argyle vest and a whole lotta personality. The man has a serious knack for starting businesses but claims not to have much interest in the whole running part. He founded the first official health food store (now part of Whole Foods), then moved on to gourmet housewares before discovering bagels.

His only mistake was founding Holy Land Gifts Co., a company with the goal of “selling Israeli-made goods to Christian fundamentalists,” inspired by his first trip to Israel. He then jumped on the bagel bandwagon at a time when carbo loading was the new diet fad. When people realized that they actually had to run the marathon to lose weight, he explains, he got out of the bagel biz. read more »

Goodwin Liu of UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law is slated to snag an Obama nomination for the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. If confirmed, he’ll be wear the coveted “sole full-time Asian American judge on a federal appellate court” crown. Every little boy’s dream, right?

Allegedly Liu’s got fans on both side of the aisle, however, the Clog remains skeptical. He’s been known to be “affable and savvy” in front of the camera, engaging in some pretty angry nose-to-nose dialogue read more »

National news coverage seems to be likening last night’s Durant riots to a 16th-century apocalypse landscape: a cavalcade of fear and destruction, a smoky, crucifix-laden free-for-all with legions of skeletons unleashing themselves upon what remains of the living, a student strumming his lyre in the name of public education, unbeknownst to the demon poised behind him, a hooded reveler lashed read more »

More info to come. For now check out the main Daily Cal page or the Daily Cal’s main Twitter account.

UPDATE: Around 200 people rioted south of campus last night. For pictures of what happened, click here.
If you have photos or observations of what happened, send them to [email protected] and get recognition on

Image Source: Anne Marie Schuler, © The Daily Californian

building erectionAnd a summer controversy finally culminates. Remember all the ado over developing Downtown Berkeley (the sprinkling of some new tall buildings)? Well, it really got us thinking about what Downtown Berkeley means to us. The resulting five paragraph essay was straight up too obscene for the internet. It also lacked a conclusion – until now.

The plan that passed over the summer was rescinded Tuesday night in favor of a new one put forth by our mayor, Tom Bates. The old plan allowed for two 180 foot (and if a hotel, higher) buildings, four 120 footers and four 100 footers. That makes 10. Ten tall towers. read more »

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