3361042955_e30d99acdbYou may recall Tristan Anderson, peace activist and one-time occupant of UC Berkeley trees, who took a tear-gas canister to the head in the West Bank last March. You may even have pitched in at a September benefit to raise money for his rehab and the skull surgery he underwent toward the end of the year.

Regardless, it might interest you to know that Israeli officials will not, in fact, be charging police apparently responsible for throwing the aforementioned canister with any type of crime. Anderson’s family is apparently contesting the determination, which cites a lack of “criminal intent”—a ruling that representatives for the International Solidarity Movement fiercely criticized.

Meanwhile “Cricket,” as Anderson was once nicknamed, subsists in an Israeli hospital, where we hope he will eventually make a full recovery.

Image Source: Nyarlathotep1776 under Creative Commons
Israeli officials will not file charges against police involved in severely injuring former UC Berkeley tree sitter [Oakland Tribune] via Inside Bay Area


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