Ack—it has been FAR too long since we’ve heard from our favorite DOE Secretary. Where’s the love, Steven Chu? Apparently, in the brand-spankin’-new Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future, to which Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s old director just appointed 15 members this past Friday.

One of said members is our very own nuclear engineering chair, Per Peterson. Good to know Chu is still keepin’ it in the fam-bam. Peterson has a long list of awesome qualifications, but it’s mostly the Berkeley connection we care about.

The task allotted to the Blue Ribbon Commission will involve dealing with the butt-loads of nuclear waste we apparently have lying around—waste that we had at one point considered dumping in Nevada’s Yucca Mountain, much to the Obama administration’s apparent chagrin. Basically it sounds like these people are in charge of taking out some really messy trash. Oh, Chu … where would we be without you?

Image Source: PNNL – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory under Creative Commons
Per Peterson named to DOE panel on nuclear future [News Center]
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