energy meter infoYou may have heard of cuts to campus recycling, much to the enthusiasm of “local entrepeneurs” who have picked up right where campus custodians left off. And with some making up to $10 an hour, competition has gotten fierce.

But the campus can’t rely solely on these recycling veterans, especially if we hope to reach our goal of becoming a zero-waste campus by 2020, one set by the former UC President in 2007. But it seems that the spirit of environmental enlightenment that we’ve always prided ourselves on is still alive, at least at FSM.the tube

At first we noticed what seemed to be a kitschy neon rainbow tube smack dab in the center of the cafe. But upon closer inspection the thing turns out to be monitoring our energy usage: color-coated according to the source of the consumption. The bar also doubles as a distraction from your studying. Oooahhh.

Also, there’s now a permanent partition between FSM and Moffit, perhaps to deter non-purchasing energy consumers. Congrats, FSM, for making an effort to make our campus a little more environmentally conscious. Now maybe you can work on that sludge that you call coffee.

Image Source: Ruby Lee
Cuts Curtail Campus Recycling [Daily Cal]

FSMcustomer#1 said:
Feb 9, 2010 at 4:04 pm

I like fsm… people need distractions.. i wish someone would turn off the voices in my head for minutes and maybe i could get some studying done too. Ooohaah.

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