390552100_2d5a1d6413Okay, so we’re sure most of us can agree that Feb. 14 is a steaming load of bollocks. But whether you’re single and loath to feel the least bit sorry for yourself, or blissfully in love and still of the opinion that Valentine’s Day is dumb as f*ck, there is NOTHING preventing you from getting out and milking the occasion for every drop of awesome it possibly has to offer.

Don’t Wait Till the Weekend
SF Bay Guardian lists a cornucopia of opportunities beginning as early as tomorrow night—among these Cal Academy’s weekly Thursday NightLife, Burlesque-wrestlemania, and something that the post’s author has dubbed “Arabs Gone Wild.” Prices range from nonexistent to moderately affordable.

Vegans Need Love Too!
Hence, Berkeley’s Vegan Valentine’s Day Dance. It’s not on V-Day exactly (rather Friday, Feb. 12) and tickets are a little on the steep side ($50 a person), but they get you access to an open bar, fabulous food and raffle tickets rendering you eligible for miscellaneous goodie bags and gift certificates. Plus, singles as well as couples are invited, AND it’s LGBT-friendly. Can you say love, twu love?

We May Have Just Peed Ourselves
And we hope you’re sitting down for this: Castro Theatre is hosting “A Valentine’s Tribute Weekend to John Hughes.” If you haven’t yet experienced the glory that is Castro Theatre, well, first of all, we’re very disappointed in you. But now is your chance! With seven of the late director’s classic films screening at $10 a day (meaning three movies on Friday, Feb. 12 and four on Saturday, Feb. 13, each set respectively for the price of one!), you’re guaranteed to melt even the iciest of hearts.

Woo at the Zoo! (And we did not, in fact, make up the name.)
$75 (or $70 if you’re a member of the San Francisco Zoo, which we would find extensively surprising) gets you into the “Evening Event” on Saturday, Feb. 13 or Sunday, Feb. 14. Said event entails a detailing of “unique animal mating rituals,” which is pretty much as sexy as it gets. Tickets cover zoo admission, parking and two beverages. There’s also a Sunday brunch for $65 (or, for all you mythical members, $60).

Overindulge in Your Own Narcisissm
In the vein of activities way-hay-haaaaay out of our price range, we give you the SFMOMA Valentine’s Day Photo Portrait Event, wherein couples far wealthier than our humble selves can cough up 250 freaking dollars to have ostensibly upshot photog Jason Winshell snap their pic. Yes, that’s pic as in singular: the Feb. 14 reservation-only sesh garners you one measly 8×10. But hey, if that’s what you’re into …

What’s Up at the UC?
Why, Valentine’s Day High Tea for Kids, that’s what! On Feb. 14 in the Botanical Garden from 2-3:30 p.m., it comprises “a special celebration of herbs and flowers.” Which sounds less than erotic, but at $20 a pop, it’s a lot more recession-friendly than that photograph.

And Of Course, We Can’t Forget …
The annual Pillow Fight—but you already knew about that.

Image Source: Cayusa under Creative Commons


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