3087016574_efb07bd162Is your absentee father an embezzling white collar felon? Did your teenage brother set fire to the neighbor’s barn in an act of brash vegan defiance? Has your black sheep, closeted gay uncle pulled a Norman Bates recently?

If you are male and answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might be the next great American scapegoat. Crime investigation experts are in fierce divide over the implementation of the “familial DNA” technique in Colorado and California.

Basically, the crime-solving method checks for a suspect’s family ties within the DNA criminal record to help narrow the case. Because the technique reads from the Y-chromosome, it can not be used to investigate female suspects.

According to Berkeley Law Prof. Erin Murphy, the technique “makes absolutely no sense.” She asserts, “Other than the misfortune of having a relative that has gotten in trouble, there’s no distinction in their likelihood of having committed a crime.”

Legal experts say the method is an illicit intrusion on innocent people. Cops say it may be the only way to bring justice.

What say you, readers? Does crime run in the blood?

Image Source: wackystuff under Creative Commons
Police debate use of family DNA to ID suspects [Contra Costa Times]
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