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Get Bludgeoned, Get Snitched: Quidditch Hits Berkeley

Posted By Kate Scarlett Mitchell On Feb 21, 2010 @ 12:13 am In Sports | Comments Disabled

Whilst soaring over campus on our Hippogriffs on our way back from a Hogsmeade butterbeer run Thursday evening, we noticed something strange, curious, queerer than a Dumbledorian secret passcode. Harry Potter nerds. In flight. Yes, that’s right. The Dork Parade on Broomsticks Intercollegiate Quidditch Association [1] has officially arrived at UC Berkeley [2].

The East Coast bred organization boasts over 200 College Quidditch teams in the nation. Considering the high population of caped Rowling fans roaming our campus [3], we’re shocked it’s taken this long for wizard meatheads to get the league flying.

Co-founders Charlie Strauss and Hana Kwon wrangled up 36 hopefuls for Thursday’s tryouts. A crowd of rubber-necking muggles watched Potter diehards toss around the old Quaffle.

The Facebook group [4] remains elusive, however, it appears that intramural matches will be happening weekly at Memorial Glade Pitch. Chances are we’ll know more once Strauss and Kwon weed out the wizards from the squibs and finalize a winning lineup.

Image Source: Harry Potter September 2007 [5] under Creative Commons
Cal Quidditch League Holds First Tryout [Daily Cal [2]]

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