Alternatively, we could have titled this post “What’s This? More bSpace Features?” Indeed, Clog readers, the campus may impose a $13-$16 fee (for grads and undergrads, respectively) related to bSpace. According to a not-so-subtle description on the main bSpace page, no student fees are used to support bSpace currently.

We couldn’t help but notice the shameless justification in citing other campus’ statistics. Hey guys, we know many of you won’t like this, but look: it’s already happening in other places, so it’s OK!

Many campuses are facing similar challenges in funding instructional technology.  For example, both UCLA and UC Santa Barbara have implemented CMSF fees for instructional technology which are $6.00/quarter unit  and $2.50/quarter unit respectively.

According to the survey,

Most of the fee would  fund the following two main purposes:

  1. Ensuring that bSpace is available 24/7 (about 50%)
  2. Helping faculty to use instructional technology effectively (about 50%)

But probably the most important and controversial part of the survey is the chance to win a Flip Video MinoHD Camera or $10 Jamba Juice certificate! (boy, now we feel dirty).

Image Source: bSpace


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