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Two Words: Bill Clinton

Posted By Cassie Myers On Feb 24, 2010 @ 7:18 pm In News | Comments Disabled


If you were not one of the lucky few to nab free tickets to the Clinton extravaganza this afternoon, have no fear: the Clog is here to paint you a metaphorical picture of the event. (And yes ladies and gents, he is that charismatic.)

First there were several introductions, (including introductions of the next introducer) and then the 42nd president took the stage. He seemed slightly red in the face but otherwise in the bloom of health as he spoke with an intriguing Arkansanian twang. The topic? “Global Citizenship: Turning Good Intentions into Positive Action.”

The former president’s speech ranged from climate change to Haiti to healthcare to energy (and even a brief mention of Brad Pitt). He also managed to work in several jokes about his age. Here are a few morsels:

About people who think snowfall in Washington makes global warming a hoax: “You cannot extrapolate from what is happening in Washington what is happening in the rest of the world,” Clinton declared to tumultuous applause.

His speech was rich in allusions (Machiavelli, deTocqueville, the usual) and alliteration, like his bashing of the powerful who want to “preserve their piece of the pie.”

About reluctance to change the status quo: “Those who will lose [from changes] are certain of their loss and those who will gain are uncertain of their gains.”

About the media: “We can read 25 blog sites a day that agree with us,” he said. Instead he suggests broadening your news sources (but hey, keep the Clog in your Google Reader, mmmkay?).

About cable news (and let’s face it, probably Fox News in particular): “People are trying to keep us upset all the time.” Are you listening, Glenn Beck?

On one of America’s big problems: we keep “majoring in the minors,” a phrase he used several times to describe people’s petty bickering over small points instead of activity towards real change.

The main point of his speech, however, was the power of the individual citizen to change things. He believes in government’s power to help, but as he said, “there are always some gaps in the social fabric.” It’s our responsibility to help fill in those gaps. We realize that’s heavy on the cheese, but he’s right.

All in all, we really liked the guy. He called Berkeley a “crown jewel” and his foundation (the Clinton Global Initiative) has given cheaper AIDs drugs to 70 countries. You really can only draw one conclusion: President Bill Clinton is legit.

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