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YOU SUCK: Let Down by Buffet Town

Posted By Ruby Elizabeth Lee On Mar 8, 2010 @ 2:31 pm In The Specials | Comments Disabled

buffet food 2You know that empty spot across from the Asian Ghetto that seems to be a black hole for new businesses? Vacant for as long as we can remember, it’s currently home to a place called Touch Karaoke, an oversized, usually empty sushi restaurant and, most recently, Buffet Town.

Filling the buffet niche that the other three dining commons and the numerous Indian ones left, Buffet Town has a lot of what the other buffets lack: grease. It’s big enough to be another university-run dining facility but manages to actually be even less aesthetically pleasing (Crossroads was starting to look homely). 

buffet signIt’s $7.99 to get in (drinks sold separately) and the selection is loosely Asian-American food that you could find frozen, canned or otherwise prepackaged. Seriously, even the sliced cantaloupe looked pre-cut. There was definitely a lot of selection, but it was very reminiscent of the kinds of food that you find at Hometown Buffet: the frozen version of what mother used to make you.

buffet tablesThere were at least four different selections of fried rice, tons of battered things, American favorites like mashed potatoes, fried chicken and frozen pizza and a salad bar which included octopus tentacles, kimchi and California rolls. After half-finishing our second plate, we noticed a sign saying that that we’d be charged for leaving leftovers, which we were pretty sure wasn’t a joke. The paranoia and the overeager wait staff did not add to the experience.

buffet screenIf Buffet Town was trying to scrimp on not hiring cooks, it’s because they spent all their money on their entertainment system. They had extended cable,with a show projected on one wall and another one on an overhead TV, complete with surround sound. Though the Olympics projected wall-sized was a nice distraction, it wasn’t enough to abate the feeling of grease-induced nausea that was setting in.

Honestly, if you’re gonna go to a buffet, just go to Crossroads. At least there if the food is bad, you know it’s organic.

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